Lakeview Point Lookout Site
US 2032, CA 141
Lakeview Point Lookout - Circa 1954

Lakeview Point Lookout - Circa 1954 - courtesy of Goosenest Ranger District

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 2032, CA 141 (view other lookout sites in United States, California)
Date Registered April 17, 2020
Nominated by Brad Eells
Location Klamath National Forest
Siskiyou County, California
Coordinates N 41° 57.221' W 122° 21.759' (view using Google Maps)
N 41° 57' 13" W 122° 21' 46"
N 41.953688° W 122.362656°
Elevation 3,774 ft (1,150 m)
Built 1937
Removed Unknown
Administered by US Forest Service - Klamath National Forest


The 1986 Thornton lookout survey reports that a California Region 5 Plan BC-301 cabin on a 20 foot timber tower. This structure was never built.

The only existing photo shows a small observation only ground cabin that was reported to have been built in 1954.

The Forest Service abandoned the lookout site in 1976 and sold the land. A small gazebo has been constructed at the site by the land owner. The remains of the lookout platform are nearby.


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