Little Snowy Top Lookout Site
US 1930, ID 22
Lookout in 2015

Lookout in 2015 - courtesy of Brett Chambers

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1930, ID 22 (view other lookout sites in United States, Idaho)
Date Registered March 23, 2020
Nominated by Gary Weber, Idaho Registrar
Location Idaho Panhandle National Forests
Boundary County, Idaho
Coordinates N 48° 58.375' W 117° 00.104' (view using Google Maps)
N 48° 58' 23" W 117° 00' 06"
N 48.972920° W 117.001729°
Elevation 6,590 ft (2,009 m)
Built circa 1930-1933
Removed 2016
National Historic Lookout Register US 127, ID 5
Administered by U.S. Forest Service
Cooperators Priest Lake Ranger District, Spokane Mountaineers, and the Priest River Back Country Horsemen


Little Snowy Top is the only remaining 1930s vintage groundhouse L-4 lookout in the Priest Lake area of northern Idaho. Located only two miles south of the Canadian border, its use was phased out in the 1960s, but it escaped demolition due to its remote location (a nine-mile trail). In 1987 volunteers from the Spokane Mountaineers and the Priest River Back Country Horsemen assisted the Priest Lake Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forests in a two-year restoration effort of the 14’x 14’ groundhouse.

The tower was destroyed in a September 3, 2016 fire.


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Burned remains of the lookout

Burned remains of the lookout