Lucinda Lookout Site
US 1591, KY 2

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1591, KY 2 (view other lookout sites in United States, Kentucky)
Date Registered March 16, 2015
Nominated by Josephine Jackson
Location Leslie County, Kentucky
Coordinates N 37° 08.480' W 083° 28.701' (view using Google Maps)
N 37° 08' 29" W 083° 28' 42"
N 37.141330° W 083.478349°
Elevation 1,690 ft (515 m)


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Visit Reports

March 18, 2006: Josephine Jackson

Electronics and Enroachments

Are electronic sites enroaching on tower? Yes
Comments: Has a cut stone spring enclosed and shaped like a house just under the hill where water was gotton for drinking. Really neat. Possibaly only one like it. I was told that the original house was also made of cut stone. I would have liked to have seen it.
Other enroachments? None

Access and Signs

Directions to tower signed? No
Comments? On 421 N. of Hyden, Ky. About 8 mi. to the Lucinda's Knob sign. Turn left up the hill. It is a few miles to the tower. The spring would be hard to find if you didn't know where it was. I guess that is why it is still in good shape.