Prairie Peak Lookout Site
US 729, OR 138
Prairie Peak Lookout 1958

Prairie Peak Lookout 1958 - courtesy of Howard Verschoor collection

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 729, OR 138 (view other lookout sites in United States, Oregon)
Date Registered November 15, 2010
Nominated by Ray Kresek
Location Oregon North Coast
Lane County, Oregon
Coordinates N 44° 16.664' W 123° 36.536' (view using Google Maps)
N 44° 16' 40" W 123° 36' 32"
N 44.277730° W 123.608940°
Elevation 3,352 ft (1,022 m)
Administered by Western Lane FPA & ODF


A platform tower and camp were erected in 1913 on this site. This was replaced with a D-6 cupola cabin in 1932. A three-story aluminum-sided tower, built in 1958, was an ODF structure called an "Amort Special", named for the designer of most of the lookout structures for the ODF, Louis Amort, and the old cupola cabin was moved 1/2 miles east. The tower was gone by 1985.


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Prairie Peak Lookout (in relocated location) 1982

Prairie Peak Lookout (in relocated location) 1982 - courtesy of La Vaughn Kemnow, Howard Verschoor collection

Prairie Peak Lookout site 2001

Prairie Peak Lookout site 2001 - courtesy of Howard Verschoor