Pender Tower Site
US 1937, VA 40

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1937, VA 40 (view other lookout sites in United States, Virginia)
Date Registered March 24, 2020
Nominated by John McDonald
Location Fairfax County, Virginia
Coordinates N 38° 52.354' W 077° 22.087' (view using Google Maps)
N 38° 52' 21" W 077° 22' 05"
N 38.872567° W 077.368116°
Elevation 493 ft (150 m)
Built 1934
Removed 1957-1966
Administered by now Fifty West Fairfax


Built by CCC Camp P-71, Camp Recovery, located in Prince William County at the same time as the Coles District fire tower there. There was some measure of controversy, which local residents later claimed was overblown, that the tower would overlook a nudist colony nearby. In 1943 the Coast & Geodetic Survey described the tower as metal with a green roof. By 1951 the color was described as "no longer apparent". Between the last C&GS recovery in 1957 and the Fairfax topographic map of 1966 the tower was removed from maps, but according to Forestry Department interviews it was used by the FCC until about 1978 when it was removed to Suffolk, VA.


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